Asbestos in Massachusetts

The State (or Commonwealth) of Massachusetts is one of the oldest settlements in the nation, if not the oldest.  Massachusetts was heavily influenced by industrial uses and so it is no surprise that asbestos is a part of the state’s history as well.  As far back as 1850, Massachusetts asbestos was being manufactured for use in roofing and insulation materials, as well as for textiles.  The state was also the site of shipbuilding yards and the age of steam brought the use of asbestos into play for yet another reason.  Asbestos would insulate ships’ engine rooms and various other parts around the ship.  The famous Charleston Navy Shipyard is known to be home to Massachusetts asbestos exposure.

Shipyards and Navy Veterans in Massachusetts

Navy veterans are one of the groups known to be at particular risk for asbestosis or mesothelioma due to their involvement around ships, freighters, and shipbuilding yards.  Asbestos is damaging when it is disturbed or moved; therefore, when renovating areas where asbestos was once used, the propensity for breathing in asbestos fibers raises substantially.  The Labor and Workforce Development Program in Massachusetts provides assistance with questions regarding asbestos from employers and employees, as well as state and local agencies.  If you believe you have been exposed to asbestos, get asbestos help in Massachusetts by contacting an asbestos attorney today to discuss your legal options for recourse for your pain and suffering and medical expenses.

Asbesto-Related Illnesses


This condition results from exposure to asbestos fibers for a long period of time.  How long?  No one knows for sure.  Asbestos fibers, particulates, and dust can get on your person, your clothes, and can be transferred to your vehicle or your home, which also increases the risk to family members.  Symptoms can include coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, and tightness in the chest.  The asbestos fibers get lodged in the linings of your lungs and can cause scarring, as well as reducing your breathing capacity.


This cancer is almost solely caused by asbestos exposure.  It can lie dormant in your system for 20 years; that’s not uncommon.  When it decides to act, it can do so aggressively and quickly, which makes it one of the most difficult cancers to treat.  You could have been exposed 20 years ago, and the symptoms could just now begin to appear.  If you were exposed to asbestos for a prolonged period, contact an asbestos attorney today to ascertain if you have any legal recourse.  You are a victim, and you story needs to be told.  Get asbestos help in Massachusetts today.

Massachusetts Asbestos Regulations

Asbestos Removal

Not just anyone can remove asbestos from a site.  Special precautions must be taken; precise rules and regulations must be followed.  Schools offer training courses to skillfully equip workers on the art and safety of removing asbestos.  A recent case in Lawrence, Massachusetts, against Environmental Source Corporation, may get them a fine of nearly $20,000 for violating the Massachusetts asbestos regulations of proper clean-up protocol.  The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection web site offers a great amount of information pertaining to Massachusetts asbestos regulations and resources.

Massachusetts Cases

The year 1999 saw the start of serious tracking measures put in place by the federal government to garner statistics on exactly what was happening in the general public with regard to asbestos contamination and physical health.  Between 1999 and 2004, 483 deaths were reported as caused by malignant mesothelioma.  For the 20 years prior, 759 deaths were recorded as being caused by asbestosis.  It has been estimated that between 613 and 973 deaths from lung cancer, and possibly mesothelioma were also in that same time period.

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